Puzzle List

When you first open GhostWord (and, assuming that you have an Internet connection) you will see the Puzzle List Screen and the first three puzzles.

Click on any puzzle to open it. That will bring you to the puzzle screen.

The more puzzles button will appear any time you are on-line and there are more puzzles available to download. Click this button to get the next batch of available puzzles. You can get up to three puzzles at a time. Puzzles are saved on your phone and will appear in the puzzle list.

Puzzle List Changes

When you save a puzzle that is partially solved, the puzzle list identifies it as such. Puzzles are either Unsolved, Partially Solved or Incomplete.

Unsolved puzzles are those for which none of the crosswords have been solved

Partially Solved puzzles have at least one correct crossword. Typically these are saved puzzles

Incomplete puzzles are those for which you chose to reveal the answer. Once revealed, you can’t play it anymore.

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